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JDLJewish Defense League
JDLJoint Directors of Laboratories
JDLJoint Domain Localized (signal estimation)
JDLJoint Data Library
JDLJust Dumb Luck
JDLJob Drawing List
JDLJava Developers Lobby (Sun)
JDLJava DBMS Linux
JDLJava Digital Library
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JDL HealthTech offers a system diagnostic service that identifies the causes of sluggishness and latency and recommends corrective actions to reduce or eliminate the problems.
JDL engaged Spiceworks to field the survey to provide insights into what drives organizations to use managed services and their criteria for selecting a managed services provider.
JDL is looking forward to continuing to contribute to the Huddersfield group to build on joint efforts of 210 secured referrals and pounds 39,000 of invoiced business whilst keeping a close eye on their own business success.
See descriptions of the bombings and arson of American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) offices in Boston, Washington, and Los Angeles, the rash of vandalizing or telephone threats against mosques and Muslim institutions in Denver, Dearborn, Quincy, Los Angeles, considered by the FBI to be the work of the JDL or related Jewish hate groups, cited in Abraham, Anti-Arab Racism, p.
Allen Schmieder, vice president of K-20 programs at JDL and former senior science and technology program director for the Department of Education.
AGLIC, in turn, paid commissions to JDL and Lancaster's sons, who were employees, officers and directors of JDL and DCI.
We believe his failure to adequately notify the community about public meetings is a tactic to limit input and help JDL push through this rotten deal.
JDL HealthTech delivers services that enable healthcare providers throughout the U.
These claims could not be independently confirmed, but NGO Euro-Palestine and other pro-Palestinian sources have produced what they say is video evidence to substantiate claims against the JDL and the police.
HFF worked on behalf of the borrower, a joint venture between iStar Financial and JDL Development, LLC, to secure the four-year, floating-rate construction loan through Bank of the Ozarks.
JDL is continuing to provide services to its two principal school accounts in 2014.
com)-- JDL Technologies, a wholly owned subsidiary of Communications Systems, Inc.