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JDOCJournal of Documentation (Emerald Group Publishing, Ltd.)
JDOCJoint Defense Operations Center
JDOCJD Opem Consulting (Glen Ellyn, IL)
JDOCJuvenile Department of Corrections
JDOCJoint Defense Of CONUS
JDOCJoint Deployment Officer's Course
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Those four publications, however, are far less significant in terms of the VSM's evolution than the 1979 JDoc article (which first presented it as an IR model in its own right), the 1984 and 1986 criticisms by Raghavan and Wong, and the 1989 chapter which finally expressed in detail how the VSM was supposed to be interpreted.
When John Eyre was around (he was a member of the editorial board for many years), JDoc was certainly published regularly, and no issues were missed, even in 1989.
When Aslib sold its journals to Emerald in 2001, JDoc's editorial team protested by resigning en masse.
It was determined that a major player with a significant investment would ensure Aslib titles' long-term continuity and create the opportunity for their development, particularly JDoc, Program, RMJ, and our new journal, Performance Measurement and Metrics.
Q: Blaise Cronin, who worked in the Aslib research department for 5 years and who resigned from JDoc's editorial board in protest of its sale to Emerald, argues that, in reality, Aslib need not struggle to find potential members.
When he was around, JDoc had three issues a year (the editor will tell you that I badgered them up six issues), and none of the journals came out on time, if at all on occasions.
Nevertheless, in the view of our competitors, we ran all of the journals--bar JDoc for historical reasons--very efficiently.
Cronin actually advised me to sell JDoc in 1994 to a publisher friend of his, and Cronin, incidentally, is not a member.
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