JDXJumping Dog Excellent (agility)
JDXJ-Database Exchange
JDXJoint Dynamics Experiment (US NASA)
JDXJob Development Exchange (Southeast Technical & Continuing Education Center)
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Since then there have been 11 away games and we've had JDX for every trip bar one - the Burnley defeat when former Boro spin-king Dave Allen drove.
Dennis Cohen, NCB deputy group managing director noted that the June 2010 quarter is the first period in which the full impact of the JDX reflected on the performance of the firm.
To develop its second-generation Workall JDX tractor, Nelson Tractor partnered with design engineering company Bigoney Engineering.
Box 6429, Lake Charles, NY 70606; JDX Disk Copy, P.
Goodman Masson declared that it has received the recruitment process for existing client JDX Consulting, expanding its footprint in the recruitment processing outsourcing (RPO) market.
With the recent success of the Jamaica Debt Exchange (JDX) resulting in the lowest interest rates in thirty years, revaluing of the Jamaican dollar, and the lowering of inflation, the JLP government may have reason to be optimistic.
The first was the Jamaica Debt Exchange (JDX), in which the country retired 350 high-priced domestic bonds and replaced them with 24 new bonds at lower rates of interest of about 12.5%.
jdx AS the late Sir Bobby Robson said of Craig Bellamy: "He could start an argument with himself !" lexystar SYLVAIN DISTIN should be dropped in favour of John Heitinga.
In 2010, the Financial Systems Support Fund was created, subsequent to the commencement of the first Debt Exchange Programme (JDX), to offer financial support to qualified financial establishments that operate under the Bank of Jamaica and the Financial Services Commission.
She cited the institution of the Jamaica Debt Exchange (JDX), a key plank of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) programme, as one such successful initiative.
jdx I WAS at St Andrew's on Saturday and even though Yakubu and Victor Anichebe scored our goals, they were the two laziest players on the park.
XRD characterization was carried out using Xray diffractometer (JDX 3530, JEOL, Japan) with Co Kalpha radiation in the range of 10-80[degrees] 20 with step angle of 0.02 degree.