JEACJudicial Ethics Advisory Committee (Florida)
JEACJuneau Energy Advisory Committee (now Juneau Commission on Sustainability; Alaska)
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In the absence of guidance from Florida courts or JEAC opinions, other questions abound: Should judges be required to maintain only public pages so that anyone may access the judge's posts?
As for the JEAC opinions, those are only advisory and at most "might have given a basis for an ethical violation and technical ethical violation," Labrit said.
Addressing a news conference at Peshawar Press Club on Thursday, JEAC chairman Prof Abdul Hameed Afridi said that the act was an attempt to end autonomy of educational boards in the province.
(48) As a result, the 2009 JEAC ethics ruling and the Domville case remain the prevailing law in Florida--prosecutors and judges cannot be Facebook friends.
JEAC Chair and 11th Circuit Judge Miguel de la O has posted formal opinions on campaign conduct on the circuit's website, Richardson said.
"The judicial branch depends upon public confidence in the individuals who have been given the privilege and the responsibility of serving as judges," said JEAC Chair Judge Miguel de la O.
In JEAC Opinion 93-56, the inquiring judge had a close social friend who was an attorney in a fairly large law firm.
The minority said its findings are supported by the commentary in Canon 4D(2): "[A] judge may solicit persons for memberships in an organization devoted to the improvement of the law, the legal system, and the administration of justice if neither of those persons nor persons with whom they are affiliated are likely ever to appear before the court on which the judge serves"; and JEAC Op.
The JEAC's elections booklet, An Aid to Understanding Canon 7, along with other materials, are available on the Supreme Court's website at http://www.floridasupremecourt.
An online version of the JEAC's Canon 7 booklet, An Aid to Understanding Canon 7, may be accessed on the Supreme Court's website at, first selecting Public Information, then, under Court Documents, scrolling down to Judicial Elections.
When asked whether a judge may add lawyers who may appear before the judge as "friends" on a social networking site, and permit such lawyers to add the judge as a "friend," the JEAC answered, "No." (You can be fans ofjudges you appear before, you just can't be their friends, January 1 News.)
The move to look at the fundraising provisions of the canons began in 2005 when the court asked the JEAC to study the issue of limitations on judges' participation in fundraising activities and advise whether the current provisions should be amended.