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JEANJapan Environmental Action Network
JEANJournal of East Asian Numismatics
JEANJoint Effort Against Narcotics
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He took a farm a few miles from Dumfries, and although since he had been parted from his Jean he had forgotten her time and again and made love to many another, he and she were now married, this time in good truth.
One of the Canadians, Jean Baptiste Dubreuil, likewise remained with Mr.
Jean Pied-du-Port, and by six Sir Nigel's Company, three hundred strong, were on their way for the defile, pushing swiftly in the dim light up the steep curving road; for it was the prince's order that they should be the first to pass through, and that they should remain on guard at the further end until the whole army had emerged from the mountains.
Master Andry," pursued Jean Jehan, still clinging to his capital, "hold your tongue, or I'll drop on your head
There was something of naive, odious, and inane simplicity about that unfrequented tiny crumb of earth named after Jean Jacques Rousseau.
Yes, gentlemen, you see before you, in blue jeans and misery, the wanderin', exiled, tram- pled-on, and sufferin' rightful King of France.
While visiting Uncle George during his final illness, Jean made the mistake of falling in love with a woman.
In some kind of eternally overcast Europe where the 18th and 21st centuries co-exist, Jean is suffering from horrendous dreams of being menaced by thick, grinning bald guys with straitjackets, and hauled off to the loony bin.
If Ellen and Jean elect S status for X, corporate losses would pass through to their personal returns.
Jean was best known as one of the world's best violinists before Beauty Pill, and we have yet to use any violin in our music.
The counselor also clarified obstacles that Jean faced in developing a suitable postretirement environment.
After a bit of soul-searching, Jean took another approach.