JEBOJournal of Economic Behavior and Organization
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Asi la sucesion de chesos, charros, roncaleses o jebos no podian dejar de reflejar el entorno rural del que procedian, por mas que tambien se incluyesen, siempre por simple logica estadistica, personajes como el Artesonero abulense o el Maragato leones junto a un mas variado conjunto de representaciones de las Islas Baleares que podia llegar a incluir peculiaridades como el Marinero mallorquin -unico representante de la actividad pesquera--o el Traginero mallorquin.
Again, mainstream journals are not heavily represented, with only AER, Econometrica, the Bell Journal and JEBO counterbalanced by management and organisation journals.
The move represents an end to paper document financial record keeping in MTMC, said Steve Jebo, Project Manager.
"We're going from a semi-automated, military-unique process of the 1970s', to a commercial, off-the-shelf software package," said Jebo.
"Normally, it's a two-to-three-year process to develop and implement this system," said Jebo.
Jebo added that a key to the timely implementation of the system will be KPMG's customized development approach.
"They have key training and development tools that we're already using to accelerate our transition to the Oracle systems," said Jebo.
"This system has not been able to meet Department of Defense-imposed accounting standards of recent years, when the Pentagon has faced increasing public and Congressional scrutiny of its financial controls and fiscal record keeping," said Jebo.
The capability of the Oracle systems is "phenomenal," said Jebo.
Rick Jebo is manager of film equipment and screen systems for the Health Imagining Division of Eastman Kodak Company.