JECEWSIJoint Electronic Combat Electronic Warfare Simulation
JECEWSIJoint Electronic Combat Electronic Warfare Simulator
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As the JECEWSI model operates during the simulation run, the links that are displayed will be color-coded to reflect their operational status.
Chances are that if you have the computing capability to run AWSIMS, you already have the hardware to run JECEWSI. JECEWSI will run on any type of VAX computer using VMS software; however, for larger simulations (approximately 1,000-2,000 units per side) a VAX 8600 or 8800 series machine is highly recommended.
JECEWSI also requires at least one terminal with windowing capabilities (such as a VAXStation) or six separate dummy terminal screens.
As previously stated, JECEWSI has an automated link to AWSIMS.
The bulk of the effort expended to use JECEWSI comes during the data base building.
What is in the future of JECEWSI? Our goal is to provide this type of EW and counter-|C.sup.2~ capability to all CPX training simulations being used by the services and unified commands.
We have a solid foundation in the development of the link between JECEWSI and the Army's standard ground simulation, the Corps Battle Simulation.