JEDAJobs-Economic Development Authority (Myrtle Beach, SC, USA)
JEDAJoint Environmental Data Analysis
JEDAJoint Electronic Document Access
JEDAJoint Engine for Defense Analysis
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0 brings the benefits of reaching stable virtual platforms early for end users when they assemble models," said Eugene Zhang, President of JEDA Technologies.
In contrast to commonly used traffic generators, JEDA ITG provides dynamic reactivity to system feedback, such as interrupts, configuration interfaces or system status information.
Sonics and JEDA Technologies will demo how JEDA's intelligent traffic generation modeling provides a powerful design environment for SoC designers when combined with Sonics' SystemC models.
JEDA Technologies enables its customers to accelerate their high level model development effort so they can reduce their ESL design risks.
0 Compliance Checker," said Andrea Kroll, VP marketing of JEDA Technologies, Inc.
Our customers use JEDA code coverage tool today for high level model validation in their high-level synthesis flow to reduce design iterations due to incompletely tested models," said Shinji Wakatsuki, consulting engineer, HD Lab, Inc.
Avi Ryzman of Croft Properties in New York and California, who led the project for RCB Hospitality said, We were able to maximize our investment in this project because of the favorable rates and terms provided by JEDA bond financing.
and JEDA Technologies today announced the interoperability of their products.
JEDA NSCvCC addresses their unique requirements for SystemC code and offers a superset of features compared to all other general C++ solutions on the market," said Shinji Wakatsuki, consulting engineer, Hdlab of Japan.
The JEDA OCPchecker has proved itself in our production environment.
Sonics will also provide JEDA with these SystemC models to support JEDA's development and application engineering requirements.
The first two components: cycle/signal level assertions and transaction-level assertions are included in our NSCa[TM] product released in 2006," said Eugene Zhang, President and CEO of JEDA Technologies.