JEDCOJordan Export Development and Commercial Centers Corporation
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JEDCO president and CEO Jerry Bologna will moderate.
This prestigious designation identifies organizations like JEDCO and LED as leaders in the economic development industry, lending credibility to our operations, initiatives and activities, said JEDCO President and CEO Jerry Bologna.
With this in mind, JEDCO are suggesting that the Jordanian government promote private business as an alternative to the over-subscribed public sector.
Abdel Jaber praised the efforts and support of both the EU and JEDCO, estimated at 117 thousand Euros, the project is considered vital for IMC-Jordan in the development of its services in order to provide exposure and visibility for its members and enhance their capabilities in providing the regional markets with the necessary Jordanian expertise.
JEDCO was set up to help create, develop and provide ongoing business support to Jordanian ventures of potential international standard, whether they be
JEDCO, in cooperation with the EIB, started an initiative to foster the development of the venture capital industry in Jordan by launching a tender for the establishment of two venture capital funds to be managed by fund managers in accordance with international best practices.
"We value the EU and JEDCO's funding and support for this strategic project.
The Jefferson Parish Chamber of Commerce (1,000 plus members) partnered with the Jefferson Parish Economic Development Commission (JEDCO) and the Jefferson Business Council on a number of activities.
Jordan Enterprise Development Corporation (JEDCO) Executive Director Bashar Zubi said that the free trade agreement is considered a success to the Jordanian economy that has enhanced the economic trade between Jordan and the U.S.
JEDCO secured $43.8 million in tax exempt revenue bonds and $915,000 in taxable revenue bonds to fully fund the project.
Conference Series on Saturday, April 18, 2015 at the Jedco Conference Center 700 Churchill Parkway, Avondale, LA from 9 a.m.
The objective of the technical assistance is to assist the Jordan Enterprise Development Corporation (JEDCO) in (i) capacity building, (ii) identifying, diagnosing, selecting and training start-ups and small and medium sized enterprises with high growth potential, (iii) selecting and training business coaching service providers, (iv) establishing a start-ups and SME s growth observatory and (v) providing a deal flow to existing and future investment funds.