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JEDECJoint Electron Device Engineering Council (now the JEDEC Solid State Technology Association)
JEDECJoint Electronic Devices Engineering Council
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Bulk scanning of one corner of a JEDEC tray revealed only the popcorn crack at lower left.
(3) Moreover, we observe that Rambus's commitments to the EC involved penalty royalty rates on several generations of Rambus's DRAM technologies whereas the FTC's remedies sought only to limit royalty rates for technologies that were included in JEDEC's initial DRAM standard.
Transcend's half-slim SSD modules are a slightly larger than the mSATA SSDs, but are still much smaller than the regular 2.5-inch SSDs, with dimensions of 54 mm x 39 mm x 4 mm - making them compliant with the MO-297 JEDEC standard.
[paragraph] 33 Rambus arose from the company's appeal of the Commission's finding of monopolization under Section 2 of the Sherman Act for its ex ante nondisclosure of certain patent applications and claim amendments that eventually read on standards adopted by the Joint Electron Device Engineering Council (JEDEC).
Kingston's memory module products include system-specific memory; ValueRAM industry-standard memory built to JEDEC specs and designed for system integrators and white box builders; and HyperX memory for gamers and PC enthusiasts who demand higher performance and speed.
The material meets the requirements of SMT soldering technology and dimensional stability, is compliant with JEDEC MSL level 2, and exhibits high toughness with high pin retention forces.
The test board used for drop testing was of a modified Jedec design.
Under the plan, EIA will distribute its assets equally among its four current member associations--the Electronic Components, Assemblies & Materials Association; the Government Electronics and Information Technology Association (GEIA); the JEDEC Solid State Technology Association; and the Telecommunications Industry Association--and the Consumer Electronics Association, a former member of EIA.
Reading his chapter and case titles alone contains more than a few lessons, but Kordyban manages to cover measurement and test, fans, components and materials, radiation, JEDEC, telecom, and "a collection of not even loosely related stories," relating to transient temperature response, the trade-off of temperature for flow rate, heat pipes, significance in efficiency, and a summary of innovative thermal engineering ideas.
The MA4E2200 zero bias surface-mount Schottky diode series is silicon medium barrier devices offered in JEDEC SOD-323, SOT-23 and SOT-143 plastic packages.
Representatives from TAEC and Toshiba have participated in each of the annual IPC/ JEDEC (the Association Connecting Electronics Industries and the Solid State Technology Association, respectively) conferences on Lead(Pb)-Free manufacturing.
While some settled with Rambus, others, notably Infineon Technologies, counter-claimed that Rambus had participated in the JEDEC standards body, without revealing that it had patented technology it submitted to the group.