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JEDITJava Text Editor
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Open Source Project List for Training Project Version Description # of Method Ant 1.9.2 Build Tool 4,694 Activemq 5.4.1 JMS Messaging Engine 4,651 ArgoUML 0.32.0 UML Modeling Tool 2,361 Apache-commons math 3.4.1 Math Library 4,266 Apache tomcat 8.5.16 Servlet Engine 5,811 Apache Lucene 6.0.1 Search Engine 6,487 Apache Jena 2.12.1 RDF/SPARQL Framework 2,331 Castor 1.1.2 XML framework 13,900 Cglib 2.2.2 Code Generation Library 1,709 Dom4j 1.5.1 XML Framework 2,521 Jboss 6.1.0 Web Application Server 3,348 Jgroup 2.6.21 Group communication 5,609 toolkit Jedit 5.3.0 Text Editor 18,124 Spring-Framework 2.5.6 Framework for Java based 53,591 Enterprise Applications jackrabbit 2.14.1 Content Repository 5,124 JHotDraw 5.2.0 GUI Toolkit 4,685 Table 6.
One of the girls was reportedly killed in Hai Dinka residential area and the other in Aweil Jedit.
The many concepts and sub-tasks involved in programming require a comprehensive work-flow; first experiences with the work-flow as supported by the present prototype are described as well: Isabelle + Isar + jEdit provide appropriate components for establishing an efficient development environment integrating computation and deduction.
Arbortext Editor CAM editor CKEditor EditiX XML Editor jEdit <oXygen/> XML Editor Quark XML Author SDL LiveContent Create Serna XML Editor Stylus Studio XML Editor XMetaL Author Enterprise XML Copy Editor XMLSpy
Vim and Emacs are both free; additional free, multiplatform tools I've used and recommend are SciTE, jEdit, and Eclipse, but I only use Eclipse if I'm working with Java; otherwise, it feels too heavy.
The DVD also contains a simple WYSIWYG web page editor and the jEdit programming editor for Windows, Mac, and Linux.
In developing Inputlog, Leijten and Van Waes (2005) derived some of the characteristics of two earlier programmes (JEdit and Trace-it), on the one hand, and ScriptLog on the other hand.
In addition, consider JEdit (]) as a text editor and MySQL ( for database applications.
I'm not saying that you shouldn't use an editor or a tool (I often use jEdit); however, as soon as you depend on those tools, you're in trouble.
Designed for computer DVD drives, the DVD also contains the jEdit programming editor and four JavaScript libraries.
Among the most popular are HomeSite and UltraEdit (Windows), BBEdit (Mac), Emacs (Unix), and jEdit (cross-platform Java), our favorite tool.