JEDPJournal of English District Pastors (Lutheran religion)
JEDPJahovist, Elohimist, Deuteronomist, Priestly (theory about authors of old testament)
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Had Ingersoll made use of the JEDP hypothesis, he might have been hailed as an astute biblical critic.
There are summaries of the biblical books (JEDP defined; Second and Third Isaiah) and a 29-page glossary, There are also maps and a timeline of biblical events.
Beginning more than two hundred years ago, the text was split up into many fragments attributed to speculative "Jahweh" (Yahweh), "Elohim," "Deuteronomy," and "Priestly" sources (JEDP), supposedly written much later than the time of Moses.
The JEDP hypothesis lacks internal consistency, has never reached a consensus among a majority of the fragmenters, arbitrarily manipulates the text, is contradicted by archeology, changes Israel's history, and deletes much of traditional Jewish and Christian theology, including any concept of inspiration.