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JEEPSJob Experience and Employment in the Public Service (Canada)
JEEPSJoint European Enterprise in Phase-Shift
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JEEP is out to broaden its appeal to younger buyers by launching its cheapest models to date in the UK.
In the late '90s, Chrysler was having trouble selling its Wrangler Jeep. The flimsy two-door convertible, adapted liberally from the American military model after World War II and given somewhat improbable second life as a devil-may-care dune-buggy in the '80s, was being outpaced in sales by the giant, reassuringly roofed SUVs that had begun to flood the market earlier in the decade.
Fantasy brings me back to Mickey Mouse in a Jeep. Here at Disney's Animal Kingdom, the streets are cleverly paved to look like wet dirt and mud-ancient footpaths through an Asian village or an African rainforest.
GIs and Jeeps became such partners that, in France, 1944, three American soldiers walked up to a guard post and told the French sentry that they were lost.
Ernie wore a baseball cap with JEEP emblazoned across it.
Last month, the question of whether Jeep should develop a vehicle with less off-road capability -- a so-called "soft-roader" in the mold of Toyota's RAV4 and the Honda CR-V--was debated in a high-level DC meeting at the company's U.S.
Between 1941 and 1945, almost 600,000 Jeeps - like the restored World War II Navy Jeep shown here - were produced by three manufacturers.
When it's mid-July and the summer is in full swing with temperatures soaring into the 40s and I got an invitation to be flown to the cool- weathered and ever-so-green country of Austria to test drive the new Jeep Wrangler -- my bags were packed faster than you can say Jeep!
The Tourism Department of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan Army and Islamabad Jeep Club (IJC) had jointly organised the event to provide the people with an opportunity of entertainment and adventure tourism.
Jeeps have also been used as sounding boards by creative owners and drivers.
In deep snow areas such as ours, before snowmobiles came on the scene, Army surplus jeeps and civilian Jeeps were invaluable because rural roads were impossible to keep open.