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Deliverable 1.5: Support the finalization for publication of JEE reports
We will have multiple opportunities to probe JEEs throughout 2013, and the orbits of the Galilean moons will continue tilting toward an edge-on alignment with our line of sight into late 2014.
Predictions, past results, papers, and FAQ docs can be found on the main JEE Program page at
The Class XII board result will now be almost as crucial as the JEE in helping you bag a seat in the IIT, for this will decide if you are worthy of appearing for the examination.
Who all will be eligible to appear for the JEE will be decided using the proposed Composite Weighted Performance ( CWP) score.
The CWP score will then determine students who have qualified to appear for the JEE. Currently, students are admitted only on the basis of the IIT- JEE scores.
Apart from cutting down the multiplicity of exams, the new system will help reduce the large number of candidates that appear for the IIT- JEE. Currently, nearly 5 lakh students appear for the IIT- JEE -- for just about 10,000 seats.
Jee has significant expertise in offshore decommissioning and in-depth knowledge of the subsea infrastructure in the North Sea from their long-term work with major operators in the region.
Graham Wilson, Head of Late Life at Jee, commented Leaving subsea infrastructure in situ, also referred to as derogation, can be the best option from a safety, environmental and economical perspective provided no increased risk to other users of the sea.
Jim Buston, Business Development Manager at Jee, commented We are delighted to be working with Tullow Oil on a project which has the potential to save them, and indeed the taxpayer, millions of pounds in unnecessary removal of materials.