JEGIJordan Edmiston Group, Inc.
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This shift has been part of the rationale for JEGI and Clarity to announce a deeper partnership this week and a joint rebranding to reflect the fact that clients want 'boots on the ground' in different continents to know they have the best deal.
High on the list of priorities are "new process technologies, content engines and tools for manipulating and packaging data," according to the JEGI report.
The biggest category tracked by JEGI making a 2010 gain was marketing and interactive services, which was up 77 percent in deal value, to $11,275 million, and 66 percent in the number of deals, to 254.
JEGI has a robust pipeline and expects to close several noteworthy transactions in the second half of 2009.
Overall, JEGI reports there were 129 deals valued at $1.
Although the JEGI report predicts a "quieter" 1Q 2013 compared to the robust dealings in 3Q and 4Q 2012, the overall prospects are looking good for a prosperous year ahead.
JEGI reported that it tracked eight newspaper deals valued at $114 million in the first half of 2009, and six so far this year, which brought in $1.
JEGI said the natural inclination to believe that the bad economic news will continue through 2009 belies "some powerful drivers of why companies will buy, and be bought, even in a tough year.
Daily Racing form was advised in this transaction by JEGI I Clarity.
JEGI sees strategic companies and private equity firms as driving forces for additional M&A activity.
Year-to-date, JEGI said, there have been 14 newspaper transactions totalling $199 million, compared to 33 valued at $936 million last year.
As a result of the current economic conditions and the difficulty buyers and sellers are having on agreeing on asset valuation, JEGI said that 69% of respondents, potential buyers and sellers, said they are delaying acquisitions until there is more visibility in business performance.