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But see the Bolivian example in JEHL, supra note 2 and Forero, supra note 41.
supra note 40: Douglas Jehl at al., G.I.'s Prison Abuse More
(19.) See Douglas Jehl, Tension and Secrecy on Warships As the Jets
In health care, Jehl prefers Medtronic, Amgen and Merck.
Elevated genetic variability in redpolls supports the idea that strong annual variations in the number of birds breeding in one locality (e.g., Jehl and Smith 1970; Lobkov 1919; Enemar and Nystrom 1981; Pullianen and Peiponen 1981) do not reflect drastic changes in total population size, but most probably a tendency for nomadism.
But Jehl and his colleagues at the Post have had to make the difficult decisions that Jenkins and Weiss have not.
"We will have at least half of our correspondents in the area from Jerusalem to Beijing," said Doug Jehl, who took over the foreign editor post from David Hoffman last month.
Second, we were concerned that data from older studies might not accurately reflect current species ranges, since changes in habitat conditions through time are known to affect shorebird distributions (Jehl and Lin, 2001).
Bush and to translate his instincts and decisions into policy" (Jehl and Sanger 2004).
This conclusion was later confirmed by the final report of the Iraq Survey Group under the direction of Charles Duelfer (Priest and Pincus, 2004; Jehl, 2004).
Jehl's (1977:243) statement citing Kenyon (1947) regarding ospreys in Scammon's Lagoon is typical, "nests there contained all stages from fresh eggs to flying young." Henny and Anderson (1979) noted that more research on nesting season chronology was needed throughout the study area to evaluate what percentage of the total breeding population was nesting at a certain time, and that a further refinement may be made of the population estimate obtained from the earlier study and subsequent studies.
(19.) See Con Coughlin, "Saddam's WMD Hidden in Syria, Says Iraq Survey Chief," The London Telegraph, 25 January 2004; David Kay, Report to the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, 2 October 2003; Douglas Jehl, "Official Suggests Iraq Hid Weapons in Syria," International Herald Tribune, 29 October 2003.