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A second and perhaps even more dramatic change for JEIBI relates to our name and Mission statement.
I assured them that since the Behavior Analyst Today was a success this journal would be too and thus JEIBI was borne.
I hope that this diversity continues in the future as JEIBI tries to bridge basic and applied research with the core issues of clinical practice.
(2004): A Comparison of Two treatment Studies: CBT and MDT with Adolescent Male Sex offenders with Reactive Conduct Disorder and/or Personality Traits- JEIBI 1 (2), Pg.
(2004) Mode Deactivation Therapy (MDT) Family Therapy: A Theoretical Case Analysis- JEIBI 1 (2), Pg.
JEIBI 3-4 contains some fascinating articles that provide an excellent exemplar of the diversity of topics covered by JEIBI.
In closing, I want to thank the authors for their contribution to JEIBI and I hope the readers find the articles intellectually stimulating and procedurally useful.
I must assume that this lack of connection between applied research and theoretical (basic) research was the reason that the editors of JEIBI invited me to write the manuscript on this topic specifically.
Novak joins JEIBI's existing editorial team of Doug Greer, Dave Richman, and Jan Handleman.
More recently, Tsai & Greer (see this issue of JEIBI) conducted a study to investigate the effects of the conditioning procedure on textual responding.