JEKJournal of Electromyography and Kinesiology
JEKJunularo Esperantista Kanada (Esperanto: Canadian Esperanto Youth)
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While the Lao component of "jek pon lao" came to be celebrated in Sinlapa watthanatham for its antiquity, unchanging features and nature, appropriated through purchase, the Chinese component was to be possessed through reclaiming cultural practices and a historical identity.
Because much of the information is anecdotal, there are only intimations of the toll such a life extorts from Patpong's denizens: Jek's ulcer, the women's uncontrollable and inexplicable rages, the persistent outlaw manner in which they live, their dismissal of both health and future cares, the rampaging predatory instinct which demands that the farang (Thai for foreigner) give and give, to maintain illusions of control and dominance.
On the night before I left, Ryan, Davey, Noel, Yumi, Gary Granada, Jek Buenafe, Marlon Barnuevo and I sang some of our biggest songs.
Singer-songwriter Jek Buenafe explained that the group's monicker is pretty much a description of the band's "chill" sound.
The firm also held a joint press conference to announce a partnership with 'Go Jek', a company that develops applications for consumers.
WHEN South African Lina Jek, 42, took a once-in-a-lifetime picture at a lion park near her Johannesburg home she didn't expect one of the residents to turn up for a cuddle.
By Bol Jek Nhial October 22, 2011 -- It is good to have a South Sudan armed forces program that raises the morale of our people, but what is the purpose of the program hosted by Malaak Ayuen on national television?
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By Bol Jek Nhial October 22, 2011 -- Its good to have a South Sudan armed force program that raises the moral of our people, but what is the purpose of the program hosted by Malaak Ayuen on national television?
Reinhold Jek Abing of DOST said the move aims to help MSMEs become more competitive.
Indonesian ride-hailing app Go Jek expressed disappointment on Monday over the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) decision to again reject its bid to enter the Philippine market, even as it pledged to resolve its issues with the agency.
Reinhold Jek Abing guided the entrepreneurs in defending their project proposals before the members of the committee.