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JELJournal of Economic Literature
JELJournal of Environmental Law (legal publication)
JELJust Eliminate Lies (anti-tobacco company organization)
JELJoint Electronic Library
JELJournées d'Études Linguistiques de Nantes (Nantes Conference in Linguistics)
JELJust Enough to Lose (Bush's Iraq escalation plan)
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Thanks to the 1.5 billion freezer pops it makes every year, the family-owned Jel Sert is the leader of its category.
The Wegner family started the business in 1926 by making Jel Sert, a gelatin dessert mix that got its name from combining the words "jelly" and "dessert."
The recycled half pallets Jel Sert used previously were of inconsistent quality and didn't offer enough top deck coverage.
"Our designs are no longer limited by the size and weight restrictions presented by our former facility," says JEL Chief Engineer Roger Gladen.
But Jel, 42, spotted his chance for another quirky name when the Post Office next door closed down and his shop expanded.
Jel, who was born in Middlesbrough but now lives in Stockton, drives the 50 miles to his Benton Road shop every day.
Businessman Jel Singh Nagra, from Stockton, outside his shop
She said it was challenging for them to ensure that Jel woud go to school and earn a degree.
Masood Raza, general manager of JEL, has played a crucial role in this transition.
Fourth, this study finds that about 14 percent of the dissertations written each year in general economics are never listed in the JEL, reducing the value of these listings to scholars.
Appeal Court Judges said the retrial would decide whether the rent paid for the land belonged to Mr Sartori, which he then lent to JEL and to Broomco, or whether the rent belonged to JEL and to Broomco.