JELISJapan EPA Lipid Intervention Study
JELISJournal of Education for Library and Information Science (quarterly)
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Most advice to take fish oil relies heavily on GISSI (Gruppo Italiano per lo Studio della Sopravvivenza nell'Infarto Miocardico) and JELIS (Japan EPA Lipid Intervention Study) because they were so large.
Ballantyne and others, the JELIS result remains the only evidence documenting that treatment with EPA can reduce the incidence of coronary events, although JELIS did not specifically enroll patients with elevated triglyceride levels at baseline.
And the JELIS results showed clinical benefit with fish oil and greater benefit in people who entered with high triglycerides and low levels of HDL cholesterol.
While not all studies have shown favorable results, the numbers of patients treated, the doses used, and the results of the DART, GISSI, and JELIS study are strong motivations for clinicians to recommend increased dietary fish intake and especially fish oil supplementation.
29) Practitioners who are not yet well read in cardiovascular and fish oil research mistakenly think that fish oil therapy reduces LDL levels, but in general, this is not the case, especially in those with high triglycerides, even though the JELIS study showed a modest 10% reduction in LDL beyond that produced by the low-dose statins.
She added that a secondary analysis of the effects of fish oil in smokers versus nonsmokers in JELIS would be illuminating.
Rodriguez said the clinical applicability of JELIS to Western populations is unclear because background fish consumption in Japan is so great that even the control group had quite high plasma EPA levels by American or European standards.
She encouraged the JELIS investigators to continue follow-up to answer the question of whether fish oil reduces all-cause mortality.
It's possible that the benefits of EPA observed in JELIS are substantially greater among the heavy smokers," she said.
The Harvard Pediatric Bipolar study and the JELIS study demonstrate the power of the Omega-3 EPA on mood and cardiac health," Dr.