JELISJapan EPA Lipid Intervention Study
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Most advice to take fish oil relies heavily on GISSI (Gruppo Italiano per lo Studio della Sopravvivenza nell'Infarto Miocardico) and JELIS (Japan EPA Lipid Intervention Study) because they were so large.
While not all studies have shown favorable results, the numbers of patients treated, the doses used, and the results of the DART, GISSI, and JELIS study are strong motivations for clinicians to recommend increased dietary fish intake and especially fish oil supplementation.
She encouraged the JELIS investigators to continue follow-up to answer the question of whether fish oil reduces all-cause mortality.
JELIS 56(1) will also mark the centenary of ALISE, so it is sobering to reflect on the past 100 years as I close out the paper editions.
Ballantyne and others, the JELIS result remains the only evidence documenting that treatment with EPA can reduce the incidence of coronary events, although JELIS did not specifically enroll patients with elevated triglyceride levels at baseline.
As Peta Wellstead, editor of JELIS, wisely stated in a conversation with me: "Gender in LIS is an issue for the 'teachers as well as the taught.
Two other major studies [of an omega-3 fatty acid supplement], GISSI-HF [Lancet 2008;372:1223-30] and JELIS [Lancet 2007;369:1090-8] showed the benefits accrue after the first year.
I met with members of my editorial board at ALISE and we are progressing a number of initiatives including an edition to mark the centenary of ALISE in 2015, and moving JELIS online.
The Harvard Pediatric Bipolar study and the JELIS study demonstrate the power of the Omega-3 EPA on mood and cardiac health," Dr.
This issue of JELIS (55:1) is my first as editor so hello from my home in New Zealand to all JELIS readers.
This issue of JELIS (54:4) includes five research articles and is the final issue of JELIS to be edited by Michelle M.