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JEMJustice and Equality Movement (Sudan)
JEMJeunesse en Mission (French: Youth with a Mission)
JEMJournal of Experimental Medicine
JEMJournal of Emergency Management
JEMJournal of Electronic Materials (Minerals, Metals & Materials Society)
JEMJammer Emulation Module
JEMJapanese Experiment Module
JEMJournal of Emerging Markets
JEMJournal of Educational Measurement (education)
JEMJournal of Environmental Management
JEMJournal of Electronics Manufacturing (World Scientific Publishing Co.)
JEMJoint Effects Model
JEMJob Evaluation Method
JEMJet Engine Modulation
JEMJoint Experts Meeting
JEMJoint Exercise Manual
JEMJeunesse et Marine (French sailing school)
JEMJunior EU-ASEAN Managers Programme
JEMJava Element Manager (Ciena)
JEMJSS Enhancement and Modernization
JEMJewish Educational Movement (Beverly Hills, CA)
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In 2014, a United Nations report confirmed the presence of JEM fighters in South Sudan's Unity State, a claim which was later dismissed by both the Darfur-rebel group and South Sudanese government officials.
JEM full-deployment decisions were made for the standalone version of the program in 2008 and for the Global Command and Control System-Army, the Global Command and Control System-Joint, the Command and Control Personal Computer, and the Joint Tactical Common Operating Picture Workstation in 2010.
JEM was one of two main rebel groups that launched a revolt in 2003, accusing Sudan's government of marginalizing the region.
Those 165 military vehicles and all the forces have been completely rounded up," senior JEM official Al-Tahir al-Feki said.
24 ordered the release of 53 JEM prisoners include 50 sentenced to death.
Talks between JEM and Khartoum, hosted in Qatar, have been stalled for months.
JEM reaches the education market through five unique brands - JourneyEd, JourneyEdK12, Academic Superstore, Gradware and CampusTech.
In October 2016, Hamid accompanied Ibrahim to a meeting with the Chadian president in Berlin where Deby called on JEM to join the DDPD and stressed that the Qatari government was willing to receive them and resume its efforts to end the Darfur conflict.
But further talks quickly stalled after JEM objected to Khartoum starting parallel talks with another rebel group.
They and 103 others also awaiting execution were due to be freed under a goodwill agreement last year, when JEM released 82 prisoners.
NASDAQ:JAKK) has signed a licensing agreement with apparel company JEM Sportswear to bring JAKKS Pacific's Fly Wheels(TM) brand into fashion aisles around the globe.
Last month, JEM announced the release of all detainees and POWs from government forces in response to appeals from religious leaders, civil society organizations and prestigious national figures.