JEMFJohn Edwards Memorial Foundation (North Carolina)
JEMFJournal of Emerging Market Finance
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Among them: Green Fields of Illinois (University of Illinois Campus Folksong Club CFC 201); Mountain Sacred Songs (County 508); The Blue Sky Boys (RCA Camden CAL 797); The Carter Family, Mid the Green Fields of Virginia (RCA Victor LPM-2772); The Railroad in Folksong (RCA Victor LPV-532); Railroad Songs and Ballads (Library of Congress Archive of Folk Song AFS L61); Dorsey Dixon, Howard Dixon, and Nancy Dixon, Babies in the Mill (Testament T-3301); The Carolina Tar Heels (Folk-Legacy FSA-24); Sarah Ogan Gunning, Girl of Constant Sorrow (Folk-Legacy FSA-26); Work's Many Voices (2 vols, JEMF 110/111).
The JEMF has a wonderful collection of pre-World War II 78-rpm recordings of hillbilly music and excellent holdings of country-song folios, but relatively little of the collection is pertinent to the study of songs that are derived from Tin Pan Alley and earlier eras of mainstream popular song or that are rooted in various forms of vernacular religious music.
Cohen, former editor of the ceased JEMF Quarterly, portrays Edwards's brief life and the early history of his collection.