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JEMOJoint Environmental Management Office
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Selection of genotypes efficient in acquiring P from sparingly available sources and fix N2 from the atmosphere will benefit subsequent crops and represent keys elements of sustainable cropping systems in such regions (Jemo et al., 2010).
Masso C, Jefwa JM, Jemo M, Thuita M, Tarus D, Vanlauwe B (2013) Impact of inadequate regulatory frameworks on the adoption of bio-fertilizers (e.g.
In addition, root growth inhibition or symptoms of nutrient deficiency, especially for N, were not visually observed during the experiment, confirming the adaptation of cowpea cultivars to the acidity and low fertility of the soil observed by other authors (Jemo et al., 2007).
BEIRUT: Sidon's first investigative judge has requested the death penalty for the wife, daughter and two other relatives of Mohammad Dirar Jemo, a Syrian Baath Party official killed in July 2013, judicial sources told The Daily Star.
Stressing this "freedom" further Jemo (2008) states that citizens in an ideal democracy are entitled to equal protection of their persons, possessions and rights, equal rights of political participation; freedom from undue interference and domination by government.
But who knows where 'Jemo' and his reputation will be next year?
Whenever he asks that, I forget that the word no exists in English.My journey to becoming a mutura junkie started innocently as I was walking in the estate with my friend Jemo one evening.
Indicating the location from where he opened fire at Jemo, Younes said he kept on shooting until his weapon was emptied of bullets.
This report is a source for data, analysis and actionable intelligence on the Jemo Spine, LLC.
Construction of Road extending from Haile Garment to Jemo square.
Judge Samih Hajj charged Siham Younes, her brother Badih Younes and nephew Ali Younes, all of whom are in custody, with planning and executing the killing of Mohammad Jemo.
The bus rapid transit will be built on the 16 kilometers Wingate Jemo route.