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Jens story is also the subject of a documentary by SIU-Carbondale student Ellen Esling, who is writing her masters thesis on home birth.
It changed my life; it made me want to help others to become stronger, fitter and more balanced versions of themselves.' Jens came Three years ago, Jens was released from prison and he decided to change his own life for the better by focusing on bodybuilding.
Even though the history of Jens' Restaurant appeals to locals and visitors alike, it is the food that drew people in during the late 1980s and continues to do so today.
Jens and her husband appeared on the NBC reality show, America's Got Talent in 2008, shortly after he returned home from a 15 month deployment in Iraq.
During one battle Jens saw a lieutenant fall into a cave entrance.
Jens Pascal, a 9-year-old boy from Dortmund, Germany, died from a brain tumor in May, reports ( Reuters .
"Afterwards I asked Di Canio if he would change his penalty if he had seen me going to speak to Jens and he said `Yes'.
Jens. "Most of these babies are still developing visually, so we try not to affect that development unless it's extremely necessary," he said.
But, shock horror, Jens blotted his copy book by failing to wear the lid of the Cup as a hat, a winning-goalkeeper tradition
DNA tests were being carried out yesterday to confirm that the blood is that of Jens, who worked at the IBM plant in Greenock for six years.
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