JEOCJoint Emergency Operations Center
JEOCJoint Engineer Operations Course
JEOCJapanese Earth Observing Center
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The JEOC is an institutional development education program that educates military engineers in the areas of joint engineer capabilities and planning.
He is the course director for the JEOC and the program manager for the E-PEP Memorandum of Agreement.
The new social software, RadioConnect for Sametime, allows the JEOC to communicate with public service agencies including police, firefighters, healthcare providers and government officials to address emergency situations and other events.
The JEOC program continues to build capacity and meet the current educational needs of our Service engineers by refining the curriculum to enhance the understanding of our current interagency, intergovernmental organization, and nongovernmental organization coordination environment.
The JEOC has two parts: a high-end Distributed Learning (dL) Phase and a Resident Phase of instruction designed to prepare selected engineer officers, noncommissioned officers, and government civilians for duty on a joint staff in support of the joint task force (JTF) engineer and joint force commander.
Some of the advances include sending ECCC students and SGIs to JEOC and piloting contracting officer's representative (COR) training and environmental training and education.
The need for the JEOC is based on guidance from the National Military Strategy, the Quadrennial Defense Review, and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff CJCS Vision for Joint Officer Development, as well as other sources.
The Joint Engineer Operations Course (JEOC), which was designed by engineers for engineers, will bring together engineers from all the Services.
The Doctrine Training Working Group (DTWG) of the Joint Operational Engineer Board (JOEB) overwatches the combined efforts of its engineer centers of excellence to fully develop the Joint Engineer Operations Course (JEOC), formerly known as the Joint Engineer Officer Course.
proposed course is titled the Joint Engineer Officer Course (JEOC).