JEPDJointly Exhaustive Pairwise Disjoint
JEPDJunior Enlisted Professional Development (US Army)
JEPDJoint Export Promotion Directorate (various locations)
JEPDJahwist, Elohist, Priestly, Deuteronomist (documentary hypothesis)
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In your correspondent's defence, some of his other comments indicate reliance upon a particularly misleading notion, still taught in some seminaries, known as the JEPD (or "documentary") hypothesis.
Shawcross is no traditionalist in his stance on the Bible and does not see it in 17th-century terms as a single, unified, divine revelation; instead his view is the modern JEPD or Documentary Hypothesis theory most prominently advocated by Julius Wellhausen and the German higher critics of the nineteenth century.
His caveat may explain the absence of a theory underlying the composition and redaction of Hebrew scriptural narratives (e.g., JEPD).