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NZNO organisers can conduct evaluations locally but only if there is already a job description substantially similar to one that is new and the original job description was evaluated by the JERC.
The system of evaluation used by the committee is COMPERS and an evaluation specialist, David Shannon, is present at all JERC meetings.
The relevant DHB is notified of the review outcome within 21 days of the JERC meeting, with the NZNO member then getting a letter notifying them of the outcome.
Each one of these must be sent to the national JERC for a new evaluation.
This is unlikely to occur when the job has been properly evaluated through the national JERC process.
Any new job description needs to be signed off by the employer before it can be scoped by the JERC.
As a result, our preliminary loss estimate will change as the industry losses from JERC for earthquake damage to personal dwellings become known and other information becomes available as the situation in the quarter evolves.