JERLAJava Environment for Reinforcement Learning Applications
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Tenders are invited for Road renovation work from rico circle to jerla road.
The committee welcomed three new members: attorney Jami Coleman, attorney Thomas Jerla, Jr., and Florida registered paralegal Lori Spangler.
20 in solid waste transfer to jerla solid waste dumping station.
I extend many thanks to our generous and gracious seminar panelists, as well as great appreciation to Karen Kirksey, Bar staff liaison; Neil Archibald, vice chair; and the following members who put an extra ordinate amount of hours and special effort into our presentation: Kimberly Kanoff, Patrice Behnstedt, Nancy Benavides, Heidi Anderson, Warren Channell, Wilhelmina Curtis, Adam Goodman, Thomas Jerla, Vicki Ryan, Sarah Sullivan, Nicole Fried, Maja Holman, and Judge Errol Powell.
Tenders are invited for Near lic office collect solid transer to jerla dumping station
Tenders are invited for Construction work of teen shade, godam, chardivari and other work at gaushala in jerla
Tenders are invited for solid weste transfer to jerla dumping station