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With the new funding we will go head to head with the big bottled water companies such as Coca Cola and Nestle," said Magnus Jern, co-founder of TAPP Water.
Alternatively, the Academic Self-Efficacy Scale (Midgley et al., 2000) or bespoke measures of confidence (e.g., 'how many penalties do you believe you could successfully convert?' Bjorkstrand and Jern, 2013) were used.
(2)--Algars, M.; Santtila, P.; Varjonen, M.; Witting, K.; Johansson, A.; Jern, P.; Sandnabba, N.K.
In Idlib, army units eliminated a number of militants in the villages of Tal Salmo, Um Jern in Abu al-Dohour, KaferTala and the youth camp.
Jern, "Family history in ischemic stroke before 70 years of age: the Sahlgrenska academy study on ischemic stroke," Stroke, vol.
Pramote Chumnanpuen, (1) Michael Adsetts Edberg Hansen, (2) Jern Smedsgaard, (3) and Jens Nielsen (4)
Besides Yuson, vice-president of the German Labour Union for Construction, Agriculture, Forestry and Environment Dietmar Schafers, Secretary of Netherlands-based ONV Janna Mud (Sweden), Jern Eggum (Norway), Steven De Heyn (Belgium), Gilles Letort (France), William Gois (The Philippines) attended the briefing.
Oregon outshot the Aggies 8-5 in the first half, getting four shots from Bri Pugh, but couldn't get the ball past UC Davis goalkeeper Taylor Jern.