JERSJapanese Earth Resources Satellite
JERSJapanese Earth Remote Sensing
JERSJoint Emergency Relocation Site
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One such place is ARS's Jornada Experimental Range (JER) in Las Cruces, New Mexico.
Another criticism is the lack of coordination between the FSB and the JERS, macro-prudential supervision organizations at distinct levels but which do not show any cohesion in their actions.
Using the method of Herbst, Duus, Jers, and Svec described in the introduction, the soprano's VRP was compared with the song's RPR.
Freire claimed the yellow jerS sey, with overnight leader Alejandro Valverde third.
Sistemas Radar RAS e InRAS usados en generacion de Modelos de Elevacion Digital (MED) RESOLUCION SISTEMAS FRECUENCIA LONGITUD DE H V ANCHO DEL ONDA BARRIDO SEASAT 1,275 Ghz 23,5 cm (L) 25 m 100 km SAR SIR A and B 1,275 Ghz 23,5 cm (L) 25 m RADARSAT 5,3 Ghz 5,6 cm (C) 8 - 100 m 45 - 500 km SRTM SIR - C 5,3 Ghz 5,8 cm (C) 30 m 16 m 225 km X - SAR 9,6 Ghz 3,1 cm (X) 30 m 16 m 50 km JERS - SAR 1,36 Ghz 23 cm (L) 18 m 75 km ERS 1 and 2 5,3 Ghz 5,7 cm (L) 30 m 80 - 100 km Cuadro 3.
the JERS study--is usefully described, and some of its difficulties
1-4 meters Commercial IRS-1C Indian Government 10 meters EROS-1 Israeli Government 1.8 meters JERS SAR Japanese Government 18 meters SPOT-1/2 French Commercial 10-20 meters Almaz-2 Russian Government 5 meters Resurs-02 Russian Government 27 meters SPIN-2 Russian Government 2 meters Landsat 5-TM U.S.
12th c.), Finnic u and i could be realized as back and front jers respectively, which were lost in weak position, whereas after the loss of jers, the realizations of Finnic u were u and o, and Finnic i was realized as i, e, or y.
and Perry, Ga, Most of its commercial work involves components for Boeing's entire line of passenger jets and for Gulfsrream regional and business jers.
The main thrust of Bethin's argument is that syllable structure changed in Slavonic before the loss of the jers, and that intrasyllabic and intersyllabic reorganizations in Late Common Slavonic had a far more important role in its syllable structure than did the loss of the jers.