JERSJapanese Earth Resources Satellite
JERSJapanese Earth Remote Sensing
JERSJoint Emergency Relocation Site
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noted, in Yuji Ichioka, JERS Revisited, in VIEWS FROM WITHIN: THE
interaction of JERS and government-associated social scientists--in
an instance in which a JERS observer recognized his own status as a
in JERS, in VIEWS FROM WITHIN, supra note 6, at 65-94.
Con el lanzamiento de diversos sensores SAR por satelite (Almaz, ERS, JERS, etc.
Nishimoto, a Poston internee who worked with Thomas on the JERS, kept a daily diary of important camp events, and Theodore H.
Names can appear vertically, horizontally, diagonally, backwards or forwards) Answer on page 55 VVWORD search J K L PO IGVE A B C J NMSOG VDEEASHHU J SMSHBEOK CN P L T JERS DAWQ I BHYL KONURGANE AK P NY JNOD YUH JONOLI XD S E C NRAV KJHT IMENA EWQ AN BGHD
The mission / instrument data covered by these activities include ESA missions (ERS ENVISAT Earth Explorers) and Third Party Missions such as Landsat ALOS JERS etc.
Landsat satellites, the Canadian Space Agency's RADARSAT, Japan's JERS, and the European Space Agency's ERS satellites.
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