JETECJoint Expendable Turbine Engine Concepts
JETECJoint Electron Tube Engineering Council
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The temperature was detected using a thermocouple sensor (Type K, Jetec, Taichung, Taiwan), with a detection error of [+ or -] 0.2[degrees]C at room temperature.
A data logger (TRM-20, TOHO, Japan), a pressure transducer (JPT-131LJ, Jetec, Taiwan) with an accuracy of [+ or -]0.5%, and a flow meter (NF05, Aichi Tokei, Japan) with an accuracy of [+ or -]2.0% were used to measure the temperatures, pressures, and coolant flow rates, respectively, to coordinate with the relevant equations to calculate the heat dissipation and efficiency factor (EF) of the thermal management system.