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JETTAJournal of Electronic Testing: Theory and Applications (publication)
JETTAJoint Environment Testing, Training and Analysis
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Volkswagen AG (Xetra: VW), a Germany-based automaker, is launching an entry-level JETTA brand in China in the third quarter of 2019.
A similar engine with a slightly more demure power rating will also be used in the new Jetta GLI, which will soon be launched in the US.
Then came the emissions test cheating debacle, which, among other things, has eliminated the brilliant TDI engine from VW's North American model lineup -- at least for now -- and, consequently, the advantage the Jetta used to have over other cars in its class.
Filipino motorists, car lovers and Volkswagen enthusiasts will now have three compelling reasons to make the Jetta their next car: 1) unparalleled heritage and tradition of world-class excellence packed into a German-engineered and designed sedan; 2) premium amenities, remarkable vehicle performance and safety features; and 3) the right time to buy at 2017 excise tax rates.
La Jetta, ce modAaAaAeA?le mythique qui sillonne les routes du royaume depu les annAaAaAeA@es 80, est bien ancrAaAaAeA@ dans l'imaginaire collectif des Maroc et dans leurs prAaAaAeA@fAaAaAeA@rences d'achat.
"Many retailers are offering online grocery shopping because their competitors are, creating a follow-the-herd mentality," Jetta said.
Long story short: Jetta deems the e-grocery foot race much ado about nothing, and that the U.S.
While it hasn't been around as long as Volkswagen's long-serving hatchback, the Jetta is hardly a newcomer.
With this latest-generation Jetta, Volkswagen has finessed the details and borrowed a little of what has made the Passat such a class act in recent years.
And as the new generation Golf got transformed by the use of the new MQB platform, the Jetta continues to be built on the earlier architecture.
In fact, the 2015 Jetta TDI with new, turbocharged, diesel four cylinder can, in real world driving, rival the 50-miles-per-gallon average fuel economy rating that the federal government gives the gasoline-electric hybrid 2015 Toyota Prius.