JEVJapanese encephalitis virus
JEVJesuit European Volunteers
JEVJoint European Ventures (EU)
JEVJoinville Eau Vive (France)
JEVJournal Entry Voucher (Philippines)
JEVJasper East Village (Canada)
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The proportion of persons receiving JEV vaccinations increased over time from 33% to 49% (p<0.05).
Serological test for diagnosis of JEV infection was carried out by JE MAC ELISA kit (NIV, Pune).
"JEV is an independent power producer (IPP) that owns and operates a 1,400-MW coal-fired power plant (the Plant) in Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan, under a 25-year Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB)," said RAM.
The four ELISA positive pools were tested by the Toxo-IFA system using JEV-specific MAB 112 and of these, two isolates were confirmed as JEV (Fig.
Her two children were symptomatic, CHIKV IgM-positive, and seronegative for dengue and JEV.
Two (0.7%; 95% CI 0.0%-1.7%) persons appeared to have been infected with TBEV; both were negative for JEV, the only other flavivirus in Japan.
Should SPV's financial indicators deteriorate beyond oRAM Ratings ur projections, either due to higher-than-projected profit payments on the Class B IMTN or lower-than-expected future cashflow contribution from JEV throughout the remaining tenure of the Class A IMTN, the rating will be subject to additional downward pressure.
The spread of WNV has also been reported from endemic area JEV, where a substantial proportion of the acute encephalitis syndrome cases can actually be attributed to emerging WNV (26).
(28), and also it has been demonstrated to transmit JEV as a bridge vector.
JEV is transmitted naturally between ardeid birds and pigs by mosquitoes species mostly belonging to Culex genera.