JEVICJapan Export Vehicle Inspection Center Co., Ltd (Kanagawa, Japan)
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Thus, the assumption that the creditors' rights were already established was necessarily assumed when the Court addressed the central questions in Jevic, namely "[m]ay a court consequently provide for distributions that deviate from the ordinary priority rules that would apply to a Chapter 7 liquidation or a Chapter 11 plan?
characterize and elaborate on a doctrinal tension Jevic exposes and to
only in Jevic, but in a large collection of cases that routinely arise
Jevic Holding Corp., Roberts separated from Thomas and Alito to vote that a bankruptcy court cannot authorize a settlement that fails to follow the Bankruptcy Code's priority-of-distribution scheme.
Jevic and Auto Terminal Japan appealed against the decision to the Public Procurement Administrative Board seeking to have the it overturned so that the standards body is ordered to conduct fresh tendering.
To interpret and extend our students' encounters with the cemeteries through their written journals, we used a/r/tography--an arts-based research method which emphasizes the interactivity of interpretation between researcher and research, the fluidity and effectiveness of subjectivity, and the ethical representation of complicated, qualitative data (La Jevic & Springgay, 2008; Pendergast et al., 2007; Springgay, Irwin, & Kind, 2005).
announced that it has acquired the 230,274 square-foot Jevic Transportation Facility in Delanco, N.J.
The Automotive Association of New Zealand and Japan-based inspection company JEVIC recently completed an emissions-testing trial of over 3000 used vehicles bound for New Zealand.
He and wife Karen also founded Jevic Transportation, which you may know.
They just may not call it that."--Paul Karvois, CEO, Jevic Transportation Co.
Heroes: Winifred Canright, a Quaker who volunteered in a maximum-security prison in New Jersey into her 90s, and John Jevic, a co-worker at Rutgers who played Santa Claus at local schools.