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JEWJimmy Eat World (band)
JEWJeweled Emerald Wand (weapon in game Shilla)
JEWJunior Enlisted Warrior (US Marine Corps)
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The brewer was a Jew, and had no brains, but he was harmless, and would put up a rare campaign fund.
Our ancestors were not more distinct from us, surely, than Jews are from Christians; they had ``eyes, hands, organs, dimensions, senses, affections, passions;'' were ``fed with the same food, hurt with the same weapons, subject to the same diseases, warmed and cooled by the same winter and summer,'' as ourselves.
On the first night I was at the theatre, the horrid old Jew came round to the box after the performance was over and offered to take me behind the scenes and introduce me to her.
The old Jew stood grinning at the doorway of the dusty greenroom, making elaborate speeches about us both, while we stood looking at each other like children.
Then he took up a pen and wrote his name at the foot of the assignment which the Jew had prepared.
Howsoever"--he anticipated by a bluff of his own the show of wrath from the Jew that he knew would be wind and bluff--"howsoever, here's my papers .
So now the Jew lays a trap for Antonio, hoping to catch him and be revenged upon his enemy.
Stepan Arkadyevitch reddened at the mention of that name, because he had been that morning at the Jew Volgarinov's, and the visit had left an unpleasant recollection.
Dreamed he was a Jew,' he said thoughtfully, as he closed the bedroom door.
The Jew grinned; and, making a low obeisance to Oliver, took him by the hand, and hoped he should have the honour of his intimate acquaintance.
You'd persuade me if you could, that you are a poor Jew.
There are stalwart Bedouins of the desert here, and stately Moors proud of a history that goes back to the night of time; and Jews whose fathers fled hither centuries upon centuries ago; and swarthy Riffians from the mountains--born cut-throats--and original, genuine Negroes as black as Moses; and howling dervishes and a hundred breeds of Arabs--all sorts and descriptions of people that are foreign and curious to look upon.