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JEWJimmy Eat World (band)
JEWJunior Enlisted Warrior (US Marine Corps)
JEWJeweled Emerald Wand (weapon in game Shilla)
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Having replaced these trinkets, the Jew took out another: so small that it lay in the palm of his hand.
As the Jew uttered these words, his bright dark eyes, which had been staring vacantly before him, fell on Oliver's face; the boy's eyes were fixed on his in mute curiousity; and although the recognition was only for an instant--for the briefest space of time that can possibly be conceived--it was enough to show the old man that he had been observed.
'What's that?' said the Jew. 'What do you watch me for?
The Jew's dress, which appeared to have suffered considerably from the storm, was a plain russet cloak of many folds, covering a dark purple tunic.
Cedric himself coldly nodded in answer to the Jew's repeated salutations, and signed to him to take place at the lower end of the table, where, however, no one offered to make room for him.
But the Abbot had, at this moment, engaged him in a most interesting discussion on the breed and character of his favourite hounds, which he would not have interrupted for matters of much greater importance than that of a Jew going to bed supperless.
The Duke tries to soften the Jew's heart and make him turn to mercy, in vain.
So, seeing himself beaten on all points, the Jew would leave the court.
In those days Jews were ill-treated and despised, and there was great hatred between them and Christians.
"Suppose we don't see our way to signing on a steward who travels in such style?" the Jew asked, mopping the inside of his collar- band with a coloured silk handkerchief.
Steward, for looking us up," the Jew took up the idea with insulting oiliness.
"Hold your horses," the wheat-farmer said, with a flare of irritation, directed, not at the Ancient Mariner, but at the captain and the Jew. "Who's putting up for this expedition?