JEWCJunior Enterprise World Conference
JEWCJoint Electronic Warfare Center
JEWCJoint Electronic Warfare Coordination
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The JEWC is currently pursuing programs from both philosophies.
Beginning this summer and continuing until approximately the first quarter of 1995, the JEWC and the JPO also will cooperate with the 46th Test Group at Holloman AFB to test various receivers against hypothetical jamming signals.
In one of the first programs to investigate GPS countermeasures, the JEWC and the Unified Space Command are preparing to prototype a GPS jammer for use in field exercises "to evaluate various concepts of operation." Lessons will also be learned on the electronic protect (EP) side as the vulnerabilities of friendly military GPS receivers are exposed.
Bill Swart, the technical director of the JEWC, who has the role of technical coordinator, with Jackson and Corder acting as study coordinators.
The JEWC was the center of activities for previous EW road-map efforts and Swan's role is likely to include facilitating access to senior service chiefs, the various data bases that will be considered and the EW models that will be used to develop the revised list of requirements.
Now, with Army sponsorship and Joint Program Office (JPO) cooperation, the JEWC (Kelly AFB, San Antonio, TX) has initiated a program of prototype development to demonstrate a concept of joint electronic warfare UAV payloads.
UAV payloads are not new to the JEWC. In the early 1980s, the JEWC participated in a test of EW payloads in the Air Force MiniDrone by developing the exercise scenarios and measuring payload effectiveness.
The "J" in JEWC stands for "joint" -- and the JEWC is joint in philosophy, in practice and in fact.
The JEWC's primary customer is the operational joint world -- the joint force, the joint task force and the force component commanders' staffs and subordinate forces.
We began our efforts in 1990 when the commander in chief, United States European Command (USEUCOM), requested the JEWC's support in integrating the effects of EW into the training at the joint United States Air Force Europe (USAFE)/United States Army Europe (USAREUR) Warrior Preparation Center (WPC) in Germany.
Using the experience gathered from these exercises, the JEWC has continued to refine and improve the model and has begun integrating it at other training locations.
While colocated with ESC headquarters the JEWC is a field activity of the Joint Staff in Washington, DC.