JEWLSJoint Expeditionary Warfare Logistics System (Navy, Marine Corps)
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JEWLS is a web-enabled information system that uses web services technology to provide complete readiness information under combat conditions to decision makers in geographically dispersed locations.
JEWLS unites Navy and Marine Corps data to provide crucial logistics information for deployed joint forces.
Cowell Jr., CEC, USN, Commanding Officer of the Naval Facilities Expeditionary Logistics Center; an introductory demonstration of the Joint Expeditionary Warfare Logistics System (JEWLS) by CAPT Joseph Mecca, SC, USNR, from NFELC; and the logistics support unit concept in support of the Maritime Force Protection Command by CAPT Mark Heinrich, SC, USN, N41 at Commander, Naval Surface Force, Pacific Fleet.
NAVFAC and DON eBusiness Operations Office JEWLS Project Team
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