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JEZJugend Entwickelt Zukunft (German youth organization)
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From left, beer tasters Andy Crompton, Jez Lamb and Paul Rowley
Later, Jez and Kylie went undercover on a notorious estate, believed to be home to an elusive gang leader.
Pin me in a corner and I'd have to go for my Blue Crop blueberry, Jez. It cost me a tenner, sits in ericaceous compost in a large (18ins) patio pot and needs hardly any attention.
"I have had several phone conversations with Sir Jack Hayward and have spoken with Jez Moxey," said Mr Souness.
'I don't know why Jez Moxey is saying these things.
Things get even worse for Eileen when Jez manages to convince her friends that she has made the whole incident up.
'I don't think Jez knew who he was up against,' said the wealthy Blues chief.
But in The Street next week, Jez finds himself in the dock charged with the murder of Tony Horrocks.
Jez, founder of Birmingham Music Archive, explained: "Birmingham's impact on the global music industry is criminally overlooked in comparison to cities like Manchester and Liverpool, yet Birmingham has a rich, diverse and sustained history of music activity.
Jez, 53, said: "My brother had a bad stroke last year, and spent six months in hospital.
And his Eureka moment came when he was studying Jez during a weights session.
On December 27, The Sage's Hall 2 will resound to Jez Lowe's Geordie Christmas List - which the venue's programme promises will "salute famous North East faces of yesterday and today in their own quirky, seasonal folk style".