JEZJournal of Experimental Zoology
JEZJoint Engagement Zone
JEZJugend Entwickelt Zukunft (German youth organization)
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Jez had an angel inked on one side of his skull, a key on the other side and a skull on the back - his tattooist later sold the video of the alarming tatt.
Within a week of launching their fundraising site through Cancer Research UK, Kate and Jez have raised more than PS1,200 and hope that by their wedding in July they will have reached their PS5,000 target.
Jez, founder of Birmingham Music Archive, explained: "Birmingham's impact on the global music industry is criminally overlooked in comparison to cities like Manchester and Liverpool, yet Birmingham has a rich, diverse and sustained history of music activity.
When Lloyd broke onto our screens as paramedic Jez, the character was not altogether assured in his new job.
Norwich chairman Ed Balls added: "We're absolutely delighted to be welcoming Jez on board to lead this great football club into the next chapter of its 114-year history.
Sally and Jez have exchanged several emails as fact has met fiction in the BBC1 drama, which returned last week and was watched by 6.
Pumpkins and |themed cupcakes were on the menu as Nicola and Jez went for the classy approach
Jez has some brand new trainers and loves walking - and hopes the families will have a great time learning more about their local area.
When we're in busy bars, Danny Brough very often can't be bothered queuing up to be served for a drink, so Jez offers to do it for him if Broughy buys him a drink.
The last episode of season 7 takes place on New Year's Eve, when Zhara tells Jez that she and Ben have broken up.
And after narrowly avoiding relegation last season, Cambridge United director Renford Sargent says the appointment of Jez George as manager in January was the best move the club could have made.