JFACJob For A Cowboy (Arizona band)
JFACJoint Force Air Component (UK)
JFACJoint Finance-Appropriations Committee
JFACJournal of the Faculty of Archaeology (University of Cairo, Egypt)
JFACJust for a Change
JFACJohn Felix Anthony Cena (professional wrestler)
JFACJewelry for a Cause (New York, NY)
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JFAC has fostered regional collaboration in arts, culture and Japanese studies, especially in Southeast Asia.
"Quite frankly, JFAC has been to a lot of legislatures a mystery, and they haven't understood the process very well," he said.
In this case, the JFAC "reached forward" to the Blue Ridge to get the information he needed from the AADCS.
10, and JFAC then decides on the final figure soon after that.
Tenders are invited for 20184612 design and installation equipment for tdls integration in the jfac
The department's budget passed with little dissent, receiving unanimous votes from the Joint Finance-Appropriations Committee (JFAC) and the Senate, and a 58-5-7 vote from the House with no debate on the appropriation.
Tenders are invited for 2018r930 (r) technical support and maintenance of the codecs and cameras of the videoconference systems of the "jfac" and "of controls and contingents of ea"
Within the framework of the Framework Nations Concept (FNC) under the leadership of Germany, Defense Minister lechtov signed a letter of intent to sign the Czech Air Force into the MAG in the range of one JAS-39 Gripen (4 aircraft) fighter and 20 people in favor of the Joint Force Air Component (JFAC) Air Force Command and Control System.
On 7 June, Minister of Defense Karel lechtov signed a Letter of Intent at the Edge of the NATO Defense Ministers' Meeting in Brussels announcing the intention to involve the Czech Air Force in the MAG in one fleet of JAS fighter aircraft -39 Gripen (4 airplanes) and 20 in favor of JFAC, the Joint Force Air Component (JFAC).
In addition, the Taskforce has established a Joint Financial Analysis Centre (JFAC).
Contract notice: 20167205 madrid / torrejon / supply removable modular building for temporary installation jfac / torrejon air base.
Contract award: operational maintenance and sustainment provided version 1 safety (v1) of the mobile command center and control of the air force (c3m), the rear jafc information system (jris) and jfac forward information system (jfis).