JFACCJoint Force Air Component Commander
JFACCJoint Force Air Component Command
JFACCJoint Forces Air Control Center
JFACCJoint Force Air Component Commander's Course
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He was--you can picture him as the first JFACC, if you will, of the time.
Central Air Force, as the JFACC "to provide centralized planning, decentralized execution, and the integration of both service and allied air capabilities." (28) In contrast, he did not appoint a separate Joint Force Land Component Commander.
The following excerpt from a proposed revision in USAF doctrine continues the Air Force's long-standing focus on and fascination with control: "Centralized control empowers the JFACC to respond to changes in the operational environment." (21) Surely, the JFACC is the commander and does not need control to be empowered.
In CENTCOM, the COMAFFOR has OPCON of C-130s and is dual-hatted as the JFACC. Figure 1 depicts command relationships relating to airlift.
recommended that the JFACC be staffed by members from all services.
Navy has done this for years, but now we are working to do it in the joint arena where the JFACC and JFLCC (Joint Force Land Component Commander) have visibility on what we're doing.
For the purposes of AIREX, the French Air Force had posted a forward Joint Force Air Command Component (JFACC), as well as a Deployed Combined Air Operations Center (D-CAOC), in Solenzara, Corsica.
Please ensure you know the TFPDD, the FOPS, the JFT JAT, JFT OPT, as well as the JCM as it relates to the JFACC, JFLCC, and the JFMCC.
The establishment of a JSCC organization would facilitate the setting of priorities for strategic and operational support across all components, similar to what the JFACC accomplishes with the ATO today.
CPEF, although domain-independent technology, is being developed to support a Joint Forces Air Component Commander (JFACC) in the prosecution of realistic air campaigns.
The integration of OCA and DCA occurs within the air operations center (AOC) and is the responsibility of the joint force air component commander (JFACC), with the JFACC commanding OCA and the area air defense commander (aAdC) commanding DCA.