JFARJournal of Forth Application and Research (UK)
JFARJewish Federation of Arkansas (Little Rock, AR)
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Ben Jfar recalled the importance that Tunisia gives to the development of its co-operation with Spain which has provided support to Tunisia in its Revolution against dictatorship and during its democratic transition process.
Ces memes sources ont explique que, a travers cette decision, Mehdi Jomaa veut, d'abord, rompre avec l'image des trois Presidents, et ensuite prendre ses distances vis-a-vis des campagnes electorales de Marzouki et Ben Jfar qui devraient, selon toute vraisemblance, postuler a la magistrature supreme du pays.
In a press statement after the meeting, Jfar said that he informed the Vice - President on the plans and programs of the National Council of Al-Zikir Wal-Zakirein.
Ben Jfar, who is on a working visit in France, gave Wednesday a lecture entitled "From Constitution to Elections."
The reporter of the National Iraqi News Agency / Nina / said "The regional parliament elected the candidate of KDP Jfar Ibrahim as Vice President of the Council with 79 votes on his favor.
On his part, Ben Jfar said: "We get inspired of the experience of this beautiful association of the EU, 28 member states, 28 countries with their own tradition and cultural habits and they manage, despite all to build up the best political and economic assembly in the world." "We hope to build in the same condition our united Maghreb and we hope that by then both Mediterranean sides will be better consolidated," he said "We count on the European solidarity and especially to build up the common future and manage to realise this shared prosperity which we find in agreement and we decided to put it into practice," he added.
In details, the army set a checkpoint in Bek region to catch Abi Jfar who passed by said checkpoint only to shower the army members with bullets and strike a soldier with his black Chrysler car.
The military said that soldiers exchanged fire with two vehicles as the Army Intelligence unit made its way to Jfar's location in Ras al-Ain.
Kbi discussed with Bahrain Famers' Society Representative Jfar Dhaif challenges facing Bahraini farmers and agreed to hold period meetings to address pending problems.
Adding, he said Jfar was recently sent to the dentist for treatment for minor tooth pain.
Jfar Hamed, headed on Sunday to the French capital ,Paris, on an official visit lasting several days.