JFASCCJoint Force Air and Space Component Commander
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(5) The Air Force later proposed a possible solution, as codified in AFDD 2-2, that involved redesignating the JFACC as the JFASCC, taking on the roles of coordinating authority for space and supported commander for joint space operations.
By participating in the Air Force Future Capabilities Came, we were able to identify many ways submarines could employ their inherent characteristics of stealth, endurance, and flexibility to support the JFASCC and the combatant commanders.
(1.) The term joint force air and space component commander (JFASCC) appears in and is defined by draft Air Force Doctrine Document 2-5, Information Operations, November 2001, on-line, Internet, 11 April 2002, available from http://www.clasc.edu/aero/AFDD2-5.doc.34