JFCOMJoint Forces Command (formerly ACOM change effective 1 Oct 99)
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Confounded by the tactics used against them, JFCOM ordered a do-over and refloated the ships.
In the wake of this recommendation and directives issued in the 2001 Defense Planning Guidance, US Joint Forces Command (JFCOM) commissioned the Institute for Defense Analyses to develop a roadmap.
Section 993, pertaining to the number of uniformed personnel, was not enacted until after JFCOM was disestablished.
The disestablishment of JFCOM became a forcing function to combine these functions together so they can collaboratively improve joint force development," Frisby said.
The JIATF is "not fully developed in joint doctrine." (13) Indeed, current US joint military doctrine mentions JIATFs in only three publications: Joint Publication (JP) 3-07.4, Joint Counterdrug Operations; JP 3-05.1, Joint Special Operations Task Force Operations; and JP 3-40, Combating Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD).14 Thus, while JFCOM's definition limits the JIATF construct to the counternarcotics mission, the concept is at least mentioned in doctrine dealing with special operations and counter-WMD missions.
In the DoD's case, announcing the JFCOM shutdown is the first step in achieving the envisioned efficiencies and cost savings.
general and assignment as commander of JFCOM," which is based at Norfolk,
Networking solutions provider Juniper Networks (NYSE:JNPR) announced on Thursday it is supplying the US Joint Forces Command (JFCOM) with a core-to-edge network that provides real-time joint training to Army, Navy and Air Force personnel worldwide.
Joint Forces Command (JFCOM) and the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), developed a process that streamlines the delivery of solutions to gaps in deployment and distribution capabilities.
Joint Forces Command (JFCOM), the Norfolk, Virginia-based headquarters in charge of preparing American forces for their military missions worldwide, including in Iraq and Afghanistan.
To overcome the data integrity issues outlined above, USTRANSCOM, in partnership with JFCOM, has sponsored a FedEx-like tracking number concept for all DOD unit deployment cargo.
"One detainee has Koran removed from cell as part of JFCOM [Joint Forces Command] interrogation plan.