JFCSJewish Family and Children's Services (of San Francisco, the Peninsula, Marin and Sonoma Counties, California)
JFCSJewish Family and Community Service (Chicago, IL)
JFCSJapan Food Coordinator School (Tokyo, Japan)
JFCSJohn Flamsteed Community School (UK)
JFCSJesus Fellowship Christian School (Miami, FL)
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Lead die logistics enterprise, drive joint force readiness and provide the best logistics advice to the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, to maximize the Joint Force Commander's (JFC's) freedom of action.
To create cross-domain synergy at increased speed and at lower echelons, broader awareness of activities, risks, and opportunities in and between domains becomes a necessity from the joint force commander (JFC) down through components and tactical forces.
From a warfighter's perspective, the JFC executes mission command over the assets assigned to accomplish the mission.
While OCS is usually placed under the G-4/J-4 staff section, some Joint Force Commands (JFCs) maintain the OCS Integration Cell (OCSIC) as a separate organization outside the G-4/J-4.
This object is a Jupiter-family comet (JFC), an object with a relatively short-period orbit that is dynamically controlled by Jupiter.
In this context, JFCs are not alone in their need for improved understanding of their situations, conflicts, relationships, and possible solutions.
JFCs were used as a fundraising vehicle prior to the McCutcheon (153) decision; however, they were not very popular due to the aggregate limits that capped donor contributions and the number of recipients to just seven.
The 8th TSC recognizes that a joint theater sustainment concept would offset the potential for JFCs to become encumbered with uncoordinated logistics and disconnected, ambiguous messaging regarding sustainment priorities.
In a letter to MAP, the JFCs stressed their "support and admiration for your comprehensive recommendations to resolve the worsening traffic situation in Metro Manila.
Working collaboratively with community partners, JFCS will expand support for those living alone with ADRD, expand services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities with ADRD or at risk of ADRD, and enhance behavioral symptom management training and support for family caregivers.
It also supports NCS and NFS in contingency, crisis, and exercise planning as well as maintaining relationships with NATO partners (including Ireland, Sweden, Ukraine, Georgia, etc.), international organizations, and non-governmental organizations in coordination with SHAPE, ACT, and the JFCs. Additionally, as part of the 2010 Strategic Concept, LANDCOM was given a new role in times of crisis.
To facilitate such giving, it is possible that parties will expand their use of JFCs.