JFDIJust Focus and Do It
JFDIJust Freakin' Do It (polite form)
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JFDI is a founding member of the Global Accelerator Network, which includes Techstars, Australia s PushStart, Microsoft s Azure as well as South Korea s SparkLabs.
The announcement marks parts of JFDI s plan to raise a total of S$6 million to scale up its operations and support investments.
In accordance with the Standby Commitment, JFD and JFDI have agreed to purchase 125,330 Units in accordance with the basic subscription right under the Rights Offering, as well as up to an additional 124,670 Units, if any, remaining which are not subscribed for pursuant to the basic subscription right or the additional subscription privilege under the Rights Offering.
Assuming the completion of the Rights Offering and the acquisition by JFD and JFDI of 250,000 Units as provided for in the Standby Commitment, JFD will own beneficially or of record, directly or indirectly (through JFDI) and with Merrilyn Driscoll, 627,565 Units representing 17.