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In future exercises or operations, the JFEC configuration and duties for the task-organized effects and operations teams would include the usual functions of current operations, future operations, and plans, with the addition of reachback assistance for the following:
The JFEC maintained an operational and tactical focus on engineer activities in each of the countries inside the joint operations area.
The JFEC was a force multiplier, providing a proficient coordinating mechanism for exercises and real-world operational requirements, bridging the gap between the tactical and strategic levels.
Sometimes staff maneuver elements have interpreted the command part of "joint force engineer command" to mean that the JFEC is a maneuver element; thus the recommendation for designation as a directorate when applicable.
By continuing the established model of having a theater engineer command DCP on the joint manning document as the base for a JFEC or JFED, the theater engineer command DCPs can deploy small teams to the joint task force and the combined forces land component command engineer staffs.
In all these cases, the JFEC applied US Central Command's rules of engagement and ensured that proper authorities sanctioned the use of force.
Led by Lt Col Gary Kling, USMC, the MARDIV's operations air officer, and Lt Col Patrick Johnson, USAF, the ASOC director, and building on the joint example set within the JFEC, members from all services worked out the solution.
Clearly, the integration of MNC-I's JFEC with the ASOC and corps TACP represents a huge step forward in the joint application of lethal and nonlethal effects--as does the effective working relationship between MNC-I's headquarters and the CAOC.
The Air Force team traveled primarily to Al Udeid; hampered by travel restrictions, it sent only two interviewers to Baghdad for only one day, thereby missing most of the JTACs, the ASOC, the corps TACP, and the JFEC personnel most deeply involved in planning and executing air support for the Fallujah operation.
Army and Air Force personnel in Baghdad cemented their partnership in MNC-I's JFEC and ASOC; the trust and closeness they developed grew to encompass all the players involved in focusing joint fires and effects within Iraq.
Finally, OSD Policy or the Joint Staff J5 Joint Operational War Plans Division could host a global brainstorming session on a regular basis to provide PoP with best practices among practitioners on status of policy and concepts between the annual JFEC. One of the authors recently participated in such a session unrelated to national security, but if done in a classified forum, it appears to be an ideal way to get worldwide input from practitioners on a variety of issues.