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JFETJunction Field Effect Transistor
JFETJunction Gate Field Effect Transistor
JFETJapan Festival Education Trust
JFETJail Facilities Excise Tax (Arizona)
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Finally, this report compares the technological, physical parameters as well as the production cost and price of the Cascode JFET family's devices.
Differential junction field effect transistor (JFET) input stage of the amplifier.
The SiC JFET is a high temperature component which has uses throughout a vehicle to include health monitoring in extremely hot environments.
The current gain for the circuit is supplied from a complementary common source amplifier using JFETs. The engineers' choice of topology for the second gain stage is puzzling to me, because I do not see how this topology will yield lower closed-loop distortion than a traditional discrete op amp topology.
By using an approach analogous to that of Si CMOS SRAMs, complementary GaAs JFET SRAM design has achieved SEU rates of [10.sup.-6] errors/bit-day for heavy ions.
Kodera, "Optimum Design of Triode-Like JFET's by Two-Dimensional Computer Simulation," IEEE Trans.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Metal Can Type Ultra Low Leakage Dual Jfet Linear Systems Ls830
MOSFET devices typically have higher flicker noise cutoff frequencies than JFET or BJT devices.
Tenders are invited for Supply of ultra low noise jfet in bare die
Figure 2 shows JFET input op amps such as Analog Devices AD8625/ AD8626/AD8627 and AD8641 /AD8642/ AD8643 that have input bias currents of less than 1 pA.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Dual Jfet Linear System.
Other factors that enhance [V.sub.CE(on)] performance include enhanced accumulation-layer injection and elimination of the parasitic JFET resistance inherent in the planar IGBT structure.