JFEXJoint Forcible Entry Exercise (US Air Force)
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On the sidelines of the forum, the Group will also organize the annual JFEX Awards to distribute awards to major financial companies in the Middle East.
A JFEX not only is designed toenhance the 'cohesiveness' between Air Force and Army personnel/units but [offers opportunities] for brigadecombat teams to train one of their warfighting missions of securing an airfield for follow-on forces via an airborne insertion.
Finally, I think it is worth noting that a JFEX airborne operation puts this 100,000+ pounds of equipment and much more than 1,000 soldiers into a drop zone at 2 a.m.
The first training exercise at Ram Landing Zone was during the August 2005 JFEX. The TUAVs were integrated into the ground tactical plan of the JFEX without affecting the air coordination of numerous airborne drops of personnel and equipment that same week.
JFEX is designed to enhance cohesiveness between the Air Force and Army when executing large-scale heavy equipment and troop movements because there is no room for failure in airborne operations.
A JFEX is conducted at Pope AFB six times per year.
JFEX is a joint airdrop exercise designed to enhance service cohesiveness between the Army and Air Force.--Sgt.
He added that the AFRL is also investigating demonstration opportunities within larger exercises sponsored by the Department of Defense, such as the Joint Forces Experiment (JFEX).