JFHQJoint Forces Headquarters
JFHQJoint Field Headquarters (US government)
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USAFRICOM's intended mission was regional stability and engagement, not warfighting or JFHQ operations.
If the National Guard is the primary responder, the JFHQ J2 will likely be the intelligence planner.
Of those 22, three rely on using someone else's top secret facilities while the remaining 19 have, or are building, their own dedicated JFHQ sensitive compartmented information facility.
Strategic planning for the modernization of the JFHQ WAN would be a vital aspect of the ARNG military network transformation.
Combining the efforts of the San Diego chapter of NDTA, Region president Mike Meyer, JFHQ CNG, and Kira Campbell and the Meadowview School, the Sacramento chapter presented NEWS10 with cash donations of over $400 and 127 coats.
To command the JRRF in-theatre, a fully resourced JFHQ was established at Northwood, under PJHQ's command, and is permanently held at 48 hours' notice to move.
While I am not personally involved at the tactical level to build the Navy's Cyber Mission Teams (CMTs), we do have others at the command who specifically work with the services, JFHQ CNMF, and JFHQ DODIN on the readiness and build status of each of the teams, and we monitor that closely.
Today, JIIM is most important when it comes to contingency response or disaster relief missions; and the state's joint force headquarters (JFHQ) is a key part in implementing tenets of disaster response, making JIIM work, and realizing the necessary unity of effort and common operating picture.
Property & Fiscal Office for Illinois, S & S Div (JFHQ), Springfield, IL
A provisional joint force headquarters (JFHQ) was stood up in each state on October 1, 2003.
The position of deputy for operational readiness and training arose from the Strategic Defence Review (1998) with the role of preparing JRRF and joint force headquarters (JFHQ) and monitoring readiness and joint training across five components (land, sea, air, special forces, and logistics).