JFICMJoint Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine
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Some state and territory health departments have an established hierarchy of acute care service levels; however, these generally correspond with the JFICM standards.
Despite the application of JFICM standards, it may be difficult to distinguish between ICU levels in some instances.
Once this had occurred the stage was set for the establishment in 2002 of a JFICM by ANZCA and the RACP which allowed for a single, agreed pathway for intensive care training.
Throughout this evolutionary process, the JFICM (and the FIC, ANZCA before it) has been self-governing and self-sufficient in the development, refinement and administration of its training program and the development and dissemination of standards relating to intensive care medicine.
A JFICM primary examination has also been established, allowing specialist training in intensive care medicine from start to finish via the JFICM program.
This evolution of the specialty of intensive care medicine has been welcomed by the JFICM Fellowship.
Since that time, the Board of the Joint Faculty has set in train the steps necessary to fulfill the commitment given to the JFICM Fellowship at the 2008 annual general meeting, that a new, independent College of Intensive Care Medicine would be established within a 12-month period.
The number of junior trainees registered with the JFICM had risen exponentially and therefore forecasts of the number of candidates who would present to the examination over the ensuing years had risen dramatically.
All unsuccessful candidates also receive a letter from the JFICM, detailing their performance in various sections of the examination.
The fellowship examination of the JFICM commenced as a rigorous assessment of a new model of specialist, the intensivist, to complement the other elements of a new training program.
The JFICM requires at least one medical officer of 'appropriate experience' available in the ICU 24 hours a day (16).
JFICM encourage the "efficient use of expertise and limited resources (7)" but do not go any further in defining a specific role.